Low fluorescent modified asphalt anti-collapse agent

Upload time:2022/3/25 14:33:21

Quality indicators and technical requirements: this product is white paste, can be evenly dispersed in water, particle size is multistage distribution.Mainly, starting at 1-10 m.It can provide the drilling fluid with deformable softening particles suitable for the formation temperature and matching the size of the blocked micro-cracks, so as to realize the effective sealing of all kinds of micro-cracks and keep the well wall stable.The main indicators are as follows;


Use: This product can be used as a shielding temporary blocking agent and anti-collapse blocking agent, suitable for hard and brittle shale, crushing strata, microcracks and fracture development strata (including all kinds of unhydrated strata).It can be used in various water-based drilling fluid, especially polymer drilling fluid, to improve the quality of mud cake, reduce water loss and good anti-jamming and lubrication.

Packaging and transportation: This product is packaged in kraft bags and stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.Prevent exposure to the sun and prevent freezing in transportation.