Complex aluminum collapse inhibitor AOP-1

Upload time:2022/3/25 14:30:11

Quality index and technical requirements: the complexed aluminum anti-collapse agent AOP-1 has no fluorescence, is a black powder, soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline.Use as an anti-collapse agent of drilling fluid can inhibit the hydration expansion of shale and clay, and form insoluble composite aluminum salt in the formation pores and microcracks to strengthen the stability of the well wall.It is characterized by effective suppression of clay hydration expansion, control of mud shale peeling; improving the cleanliness and stability of well hole, reducing the risk of drilling mud and various drilling; strong pollution resistance, suitable for various brine, saturated brine and seawater drilling; effectively protecting oil and gas layer, non-toxic and good compatibility with treatment agent.The main quality indexes are as follows:


Use: This product is used for water-based drilling fluid collapse prevention agent, suitable for various types of water-based drilling fluid, especially for crushing formation collapse prevention, it can be directly added in the form of dry powder, adding 0.5% -2.0%.

Packaging and transportation: this product is lined with plastic film bag, external plastic woven bag or moisture-proof kraft paper bag packaging, each 25kg bag.Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.Prevent moisture and rain in transportation.

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