Tall oil asphalt sodium sulfonat

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Quality indicators and technical requirements: Tall oil asphalt sodium sulfonate, also known as sulfated Tall oil asphalt (STOP), is a brown and black powder, soluble in water, partially dissolved in oil.Use as a drilling fluid treatment agent, mainly used to improve the mud cake quality and improve its lubricity.STOP is weakly hydrophilic and oleophilic, which can be effectively applied to the well wall to form a film of oil.This can reduce the friction on the wall and the impact on the wall.Due to the action of STOP class treatment agent, the well wall rock changes from hydrophilic to hydrophilic water hate, so the filtrate is prevented from penetrating into the formation.This product is mainly used as extreme pressure lubricant and anti-jamming agent, but also has a certain anti-collapse and filter loss effect.The main quality indexes are as follows:


Use: This product is used in water-based drilling fluid, with good lubrication and card prevention, and has certain effect on stabilizing mud shale, consolidating well wall, reducing high temperature and high pressure filter loss and improving circulation type.This product can be directly added to the drilling fluid, the additional volume is generally 0.5% -2.0%.

Packaging and transportation: this product is packed with lined plastic bags and external moisture-proof brown paper bags.Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place.Anti-sun exposure and rain shower in transportation.

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